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Third Street Alliance was there for me when I had nowhere else to turn- I am so grateful for everything this amazing organization has done for me, my children and my elderly parents. The employees and volunteers selflessly give their time and talent to make Easton a better place for families.

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Third Street Alliance is committed to the health, safety, welfare and happiness of all our residents and clients. Please take a few moments to see what we're all about! We want to thank Ashley Russo and ASR Media for capturing the essence of Third Street Alliance so beautifully.

United Way #ChooseMe

Watch Audrey talk about why she likes coming to our adult day service program during the week and what it means to her. Find more information about the Sharing the Caring program here.

Credit: United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley and Marco Calderon

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Instructions Not Included

By: Janice Thomas Director of Shelter Services As a parent, there have been times I wished there was a go-to guide to explain how I was to raise my

Conducting Your Own Fitness

Exercise and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Either is fine on its own, but together the experience is more pleasurable. When it come