A Brand New Look

By Kim Rose, Director of Development

In the world of marketing, branding a product is important: The use of one graphic image that tells the story of who you are and what you do. It sounds simple.

This past summer Third Street Alliance for Women & Children started a journey to create a new logo. Our green and copper colors and formal looking logo were a good reflection of our historic mansion and of the organization as it was in the early 1990’s. Always progressive and forward looking, Third Street Alliance has changed and adapted to the needs of society and our community over the past decades. It was time to have a logo that reflected who we are now.

A Brand New Look 1

Thursday evening we formally revealed our new logo (seen right) – a representation of our beautiful iron gates, open and welcoming.

A committee of marketing professionals was assembled, led by Sarah Clark of Kudu Creative. Having children enrolled in The Learning Center, Sarah is very familiar with the many programs at TSA and volunteered to guide us through the rebranding process and create our logo.

Feedback from people involved with TSA – clients, staff, volunteers, donors, etc. was solicited. Online surveys were sent and five questions were asked. The information that was gathered was very comprehensive. By the end of the process we looked only at the words that described who we’d like to be and selected relevance, welcoming, trust, growth and collaboration.

From this information Sarah designed four representations. After much discussion the committee came to a consensus for the design and the color palette. This recommendation was presented to the Development Committee which then made a recommendation to the Board of Directors. With a few minor adjustments a design was unanimously approved.

While it was not exactly a simple task to design a new logo, the support and guidance we received from our rebranding committee made the task less daunting. In addition to Sarah Clark, we also want to thank Kris Lomax, Crayola; Meg Dowd, JustBorn; Nanci Oakley, Express-Times/lehighvalleylive.com; and Karen Paisley, independent marketing professional.

This new logo is what we want to be – for now and into the future.

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