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Housing Stability

Our Housing Stability program is focused on enabling individuals and families to maintain or obtain housing through a variety of services.

experiencing a housing crisis?

If you are at risk of or currently experiencing a housing crisis, please call 211 to talk to a trained representative about your situation and receive further assistance.

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housing stability

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Housing Stability
Diversion and Prevention

The lack of affordable housing in the Lehigh Valley has led to long wait times to access shelter.

Our Diversion services are designed to assist people experiencing a housing crisis and are seeking emergency shelter. We help identify safe alternative options to homelessness and shelter.

Our Prevention services are designed to keep households from becoming homeless by providing rental and financial assistance to help maintain their current housing.

Housing Stability

Each year, we provide an average of 14,000 nights of temporary shelter to an average of 125 women and 200 children experiencing homelessness. Typically, a woman/family stays in our shelter between 30-90 days. Everyone staying in our shelter has access to case management and receives assistance applying for subsidies, obtaining medical care, searching for employment, and acquiring child care through our onsite early childhood education program, The Learning Center.


We not only keep a roof over their heads, but provide peace of mind while working towards having permanent housing once again. We keep the safety, well-being, and futures of our clients at the forefront of our housing stability work.

Housing Stability
Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)

Each year, we work with local landlords to identify affordable rental units while providing step-down rental assistance and supportive case management services to an average of 30 households experiencing homelessness.


These services enable clients to make the transition to stable housing and financial independence as they strengthen their economic self-sufficiency to the point that they can pay their monthly rent.


Our goal is to provide tiered rental assistance over 5 months and case management support for up to two years.

Housing Stability
How You Can Help

We also accept in-kind donations of a variety of items that are used to support our clients that can be found on our wish list.


Former Shelter Resident

“While I did go to college, I’m the proudest of my graduation from Third Street. The curriculum here is one of the school of Hard Knocks. The things I learned were the beginning of me returning to myself and understanding why I have been trapped, always looking for love but always finding abuse. The strength I got from the programs here changed me from someone who was lost into a warrior.”


Former Shelter Resident

“The alliance helped change my life, as well as my daughter’s. I remember being so scared of staying in the shelter, yet it quickly became a comfortable space that gave me the resources to move forward. It was the first place I felt safe in a very long time.”


Former Shelter Resident

“When I first came to Third Street I didn’t know what to expect. At this particular time in my life, I was at a major crossroad. I had no other options available for my child and I. The kind staff made me and my child feel at ease. The guidance and patience they had with me was greatly appreciated. Every step that I made since being there has been a positive step toward my goal of being independent. “


Former Shelter Resident

“I lost my job and then my apartment. Third Street helped me when I had no one else. They helped me find a new place to live and assisted me until I was able to find a new job and take care of things on my own.”

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Childhood Education

Our teachers bring their heart and soul into our education programs. They are experts at caring for your children and help lead them along their learning journey. We consider our students a part of our family.

Ages 6 weeks to 13 years old

The Learning Center's classes are thoughtfully scheduled to align with your child's day, making it effortlessly convenient to infuse additional fun and educational experiences into their routine!

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