A Very Veggie Partnership

By: Janice Thomas
Director of Shelter Services

A few weeks ago, we had a visit from Bob Drake. Who is Bob Drake? I’m glad you asked! He is the Project Manager of the Monocacy Farm Project located in Bethlehem.

What is the Moncacy Farm Project? Again, I’m glad you asked! It is a ten-acre farm owned and managed by the Sisters of Saint Francis, a Catholic religious order founded in Austria in 1843.

Four years ago, the sisters initiated the transition of their farm fields to an organic and natural agriculture demonstration and production farm.

The Project seeks to use land and resources to model stewardship and care of the earth, foster community involvement, provide educational opportunities and serve the needs of the poor.

Third Street Alliance’s Homeless Services will start working and partnering with the project this year. The residents will receive weekly donations of fresh vegetables throughout the 2017 growing season.

The donated vegetables will help to stretch the grocery dollars of our residents, which can often be stressful to manage.

We are excited about being able to assist our families in this way and to use the donated vegetables to make them more aware of overall nutritional value and benefits of eating fresh vegetables.

We are convinced that our residents will benefit significantly from our collaboration with the Monocacy Farm Project.

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