A Week of Generosity

As we get closer to the holiday season and the weather begins to get colder, we are reminded to give back to those in our community that do not have what we have.

This past week our staff witnessed the generosity of kids, business owners, and others, who simply just want to spread some joy at Third Street Alliance.

A 9-year old boy a member of the Forks Falcon Football team, gave additional money that he was saving from Christmas, his birthday, and doing chores.

Local salon owner Steve Flowers dropped off hair care kits for all of our current shelter residents and offered to cut hair for the shelter residents for free. We received blankets and pillows from Tara Gomez, a manager at Colonial Pizza.

On a recent retreat the women from Arndt’s Lutheran Church filled bags with necessities for our shelter residents and included a hand-made bracelet with each bag.

The Lehigh Valley Realtors collected donations for TSA as part of a scavenger hunt event in downtown Easton. The group over-filled a table with donations including cleaning products, blankets, and gift cards.

It is humbling to witness the generosity that is shown by compassionate people, each who make significant impacts to the quality of life of our clients.

Editor’s Note: For information on specific needs, please check our Wish List

A Week of Generosity 1Local salon owner Steve Flowers dropping off hair care kits

A Week of Generosity 2 Scavenger hunt event in downtown Easton

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