A Year Filled With Growth and Adventure

By: Nancy Frederick
Director of The Learning Center

This year was a year filled with growth and new adventures!

We welcomed many new families and volunteers into our programs.

In January, we were selected to open a new Pre-K Counts classroom in February, allowing us to offer early childhood education to more low income families in our community.

Thanks to Kiwanis of Easton and Air Products, we opened the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) Lab. The children have been testing their abilities with the computers, robots, experiments and instruments, and having fun through the year.

With the help of the Da Vinci Science Center, our school-age students have experienced eight different hands-on science programs, uncovering the mystery behind science.

We’ve also been fortunate to have musical programming by Listen, Learn, and Play (watch the YouTube video). The students loved to make music and explore with these sessions.

All of our classrooms were involved in performing in the Spring Show.

Our students took trips to the Crayola Experience, The Philadelphia Zoo, and Science Center.

Volunteers in the classrooms bring many new skills, and we thank those from Lafayette College, Zulily and many more from the community by taking time out of their busy schedules to spend with our kids.

In 2017, we are starting a parenting and self-improvement workshop for our families by Kumari Ghafoor-Davis, a parent/coach expert who has been working with families for more than 20 years. The workshops will be offered on-site during the late afternoon/evening hours. This program is branching off of our family engagement meetings with Ms. Zandrea.

Look out for a Spring Art Show, featuring the artistic creations of every child in The Learning Center.

These programs and opportunities are possible because of community support, and we thank the individuals, businesses, foundations and other donors for caring about those for whom we care.

Here is to a wonderful and healthy 2017!

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