A Year of Caring

By: Yvonne Toth
Assistant Director of Sharing the Caring

This year is certainly a year that Sharing the Caring will remember.

We celebrated so much this past year. Some of the highlights include birthdays, the annual picnic (that included the most glorious weather), our senior prom, our first-ever fall fashion show.

Our many visitors include a butterfly expert, henna artist, yoga instructors, karate students and so many more during the holiday season.

Community volunteers and Lafayette College added to all the fun we had this year, too.

But all our seniors agree that being at Sharing the Caring and talking to each other were their favorite moments from the year.

The year was filled with so much support from our caregivers and our community supporters. We appreciate that our clients enjoy being at Sharing the Caring, and we appreciate your trust in taking care of them through the day.

Looking forward to 2017 we will continue to keep up our standard of care and continue to provide quality activity program for our seniors, which includes offer a new exercise program called Conductorise by maestro David Dworkin.

The program is low-impact but high energy exercise that offers a new approach to fitness to classical music. The program is used in other senior care centers around the world to offered to school-aged students, too.

The exercise mimics the moves of an orchestra conductor. We are excited to bring this program to our seniors and become certified in the program.

A Year of Caring 1

A scene from our Holiday Party held Dec. 16.

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