Compliments to the Chef

People visit the mansion for different reasons.
We have those who come in to see the beauty of the architecture or learn more about our programs. And then there are those that come in to assist our programs.
Such was the case of Olivia Fieo, a registered dietitian for the ShopRite of Bethlehem, and her team members. Olivia contacted our Homeless Services director, Janice, to set up culinary workshops for the shelter resident’s and their children.

Compliments to the Chef 1

ShopRite has completed two workshops, with the help was facilitator Chef Natalie Miller. The first workshop, “Cooking Class on a Budget,” included preparing delicious and nutritious Chicken Chili.
The second workshop was for kids only. The children made breakfast burritos and over-night oats in a jar.
Third Street Alliance is looking forward to continue the partnership with ShopRite of Bethlehem, and being involved in future programs to teach our shelter residents and children how to prepare healthy food on a budget.

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