Early Learning Scholarships Provide Opportunities for Women and Their Children to Succeed

Third Street Alliance needs your help to raise $20,000 for the Learning Center scholarship fund.

Early Learning Scholarships Provide Opportunities for Women and Their Children to Succeed 1

The Elizabeth Mulrine Scholarship Fund was created in 2016 to help shelter families enroll their children in The Learning Center. The fund honors Elizabeth, the founder of Bistro, and her dedication to Third Street Alliance, and provides positive early learning experiences to children staying in our shelter.

Elizabeth was moved to create The Bistro in 1996 after she delivered leftovers from a catering event to Third Street Alliance and was overwhelmed by the gratitude of our residents.

Since that time, The Bistro has grown into Third Street Alliance’s signature fundraising event, and over the past 26 years, has raised more than $750,000 to support our work.

Early learning scholarship funds are so important to the community, as well as women and children residing in our shelter. Often families enter the shelter without access to benefits, including Child Work subsidies. Scholarship funds help bridge the gap until women are able to secure employment and qualify for ongoing child care subsidies.

“Incredible early learning opportunities, like those at The Learning Center, help children to see their first successes,” Elizabeth said. “This early foundation allows our children to see their true potential and propels them to strive for and perpetuate success as they grow.”

For Jasmine, one of our recent shelter residents, having access to The Learning Center provided her with peace of mind that her daughter was in a safe and caring setting while she searched for and began work.

Her ability to count on our Learning Center program while she was working enabled her to retain employment, save money, and successfully exit our shelter into stable permanent housing. Since leaving the shelter in January, Jasmine’s daughter has remained enrolled in our Learning Center and is flourishing.

Early Learning Scholarships Provide Opportunities for Women and Their Children to Succeed 2

“The teachers are so caring and wonderful to my daughter. She is learning so much, too,” Jasmine said. “Third Street Alliance has been a blessing to us, providing us the resources and opportunity to get back on our feet.”

What started as a small event to help support the programs for the women and families in the shelter has grown into our keystone fundraising event and something very special for Elizabeth.

“The first interaction that inspired the Bistro showed me that food doesn’t just nourish the body, but nourishes the soul,” Elizabeth said.

This year, our virtual Bistro is your opportunity to support the Mulrine Scholarship Fund. Please join us on March 25 for the opening of the online auction and on April 2 for our virtual program. To register online, go to Bistro2022.givesmart.com. For sponsorship opportunities, visit our website at thirdstreetalliance.org/bistro.

“I look forward to the day when we can celebrate together again at Third Street,” Elizabeth said. “Until then, whether we are together in person, or just in spirit, our giving benefits the unending work of serving each other.”

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