From Concept to Reality, TSA Teacher Will Begin Classes to Obtain Bachelor’s Degree

In the winter newsletter we told you about Pre-K Counts teacher Tanya Falero being accepted into the TEACH Pennsylvania program, which helps offset the costs of obtaining higher education. At the time the story ran, Tanya was still researching which colleges to which she would apply.

From Concept to Reality, TSA Teacher Will Begin Classes to Obtain Bachelor’s Degree 1

Tanya has been accepted into St. Francis University and will begin taking courses needed to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with teaching certificates. The majority of Tanya’s coursework will be done through online classes.

“I’m excited but nervous,” Tanya said. “It seems more real now. Once I got accepted into the TEACH program, everything clicked into place.”

Tanya will begin classes this year and will have just over 70 credits to finish before being awarded her degree. Tanya holds an associate’s degree from Lehigh County Community College and hopes to finish her degree at St. Francis University within four years.

Through her work with Third Street Alliance, Tanya has displayed her passion for leading a classroom. Her sensitivity to the needs of her students and their personalities is obvious when she is teaching.

The TEACH program works with early childhood education providers and colleges to offer scholarship programs and support for childcare workers to assist them in obtaining higher-level degrees. Without the TEACH program, the financial burden on Tanya would have been too much for her to get additional education.

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