Girl Scouts Add to Literacy Program in Classroom

By: Nancy Frederick, Director and Chrissy Duque, Teacher
The Learning Center

Thanks Gianna Lagomarsino and Anna Micklos from Girl Scout Troop 81075, The Learning Center preschool class got a little make-over.

In June 2016, the Learning Center was excited to hear from girl scouts Anna and Gianna, who were excited about starting their Silver Award project.

When they met with the Preschool teacher regarding the needs of the classroom and possible project ideas they came up with the project of renovating the writing center.

The girl scouts created materials that have multiple purposes and incorporate a variety of learning styles.

On Jan. 20, the girls came in with their team to set-up the materials in the classroom.

Since the new materials have been introduced into the classroom, the children tend to self-select the library and writing area more often. The students have been reading the words around the room that are posted on Dr. Seuss word cards!

The classroom teacher has been excited to have an adult-size, cozy, Dr. Seuss themed chair to sit in for morning meeting and story time!

This isn’t the first time the Girl Scouts have impacted the Learning Center. In the summer, Girl Scout Troop 8251 worked on their Bronze Award and created quiet boxes and sewing kits, which are used during rest and transition times in the classroom. The boxes included sensory items used to practice patterns, stringing beads, writing letters and more.

The boxes allow the students to continue learning and exploring during the “down” times in the classroom.

We are so thankful to have the Girl Scouts come in and impact our classrooms in wonderful way!

Girl Scouts Add to Literacy Program in Classroom 1

Girl Scouts Add to Literacy Program in Classroom 2

Girl Scouts Add to Literacy Program in Classroom 3

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