Girl Scouts lend skills to the Learning Center

The Girl Scouts that volunteer with Third Street Alliance do more than sell cookies.

We recently had Girl Scout Troop 8251 request to provide our preschool and school-aged classrooms with projects for the students.

We came up with 30 “Quiet Boxes,” which are activity boxes that a child can use independently at times, such as after they wake up from their nap or when they have some quiet time.

The boxes the troop created were all unique and developmentally appropriate, including items to help with fine motor skills, number sense, patterns, letter and number recognition, phonemic awareness, and more.

The day the troop delivered the boxes they were able to show some of the students how to use the box. Both the Girl Scouts and the preschool students had a great time exploring together!

The school-aged students were made sewing and knitting bags and boxes by the Girl Scouts.

The bags are all individually decorated and consist of beginner sewing materials and books to get the students started with this new interest and skill.

The school-aged students were very excited to get started!

Additionally, two older Girl Scout students are working on a longer project for their Silver Award.

These two girls are planning on re-designing the writing area in the preschool room.

Their project will take at least 50 hours. So far, they have met with Ms. Christine to work on their vision of the project, have gathered information on what is needed in that area for our guidelines. They are working on ensuring everything is developmentally appropriate for 3- and 4-year olds.

-Nancy Frederick, Director of The Learning Center

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