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On July 16, the adult day care program, Sharing the Caring, held its 10th annual Senior Prom. One care giver, Donna Scrafano, wrote to tell us how much the day meant to her and her father, Ed, who is part of our program.

Donna also submitted the letter to the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, and it was featured in this week’s email newsletter on Healthy Aging Newsletter. Take a read:

“My father, Edward P. Scrafano, has been attending the Sharing the Caring program since August 2016. In addition to knowing my father is cared for by loving, committed and responsible staff members, the program provides special events such as the recent 2017 Senior Prom. 

“The prom was our first experience attending such an event. The experience was priceless. Our four-generation table of family members was able to enjoy a fun-filled special time with our father, grandfather and great-grandfather. The younger generation was able to view first-hand that the elderly can still enjoy life, and[that they] are able to be a part of the enjoyment. My 9-year-old grandson, Quincy, danced with other participants and played a part in choosing the prom king and queen. It just happened that Quincy chose my father, his great-grandfather, as the king. 

“The most important aspect is that my father had a wonderful time, and because of the publicity in The Morning Call and social media coverage, my father received many congratulations. While showing my father all the coverage and loving commentary, it was evident that he felt happy. The culture we live in generally dismisses the elderly, but not at the Sharing the Caring program and the special events that are provided. This program provides an environment and culture that exude the inclusiveness, respect, comfort, fun, and most importantly, acknowledgment. Hence, priceless.”

– Written by Donna L. Scrafano

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