Journey To A Home

A year ago, Robin could only imagine what leaving Third Street Alliance would look like. At the time she was living here with her youngest daughter and high school-aged son. Robin’s older daughter was also receiving services through the shelter program.

In the last few months, her son and older daughter have moved on from Third Street Alliance and are currently in transitional housing programs through Valley Youth House. Robin, however, had expected to stay at Third Street Alliance until December this year.

 But in August she learned she was eligible for housing through the Rapid Rehousing program, allowing her and her young daughter to move into stable, affordable housing. Robin was ready to participate.

The Rapid Rehousing program is federally funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Third Street Alliance works with local landlords to connect shelter residents or people from the Coordinated Entry community queue to housing opportunities. 

 The program pays the first three to six months of rent, or a portion of the rent, on a sliding scale. Eventually, the tenant is responsible to pay the entire rent.

“The program really puts you in a position to succeed,” Robin said. “It’s less overwhelming than what it would have been if I would have done it by myself.”

Clients, such as Robin, that qualify for the Rapid Rehousing program work with Housing Navigator Ellen Caban to find an apartment and ensure its affordability for them.

With Ellen’s guidance, each client prepares a budget based on what they can afford and how much space they need. Ellen will work with landlords to ensure the space is habitable. Problems arising from past evictions are also dealt with to the satisfaction of the landlord. 

Once a client is placed into stable housing, Ellen will continue to budget with the client or assist in finding a better employment opportunity for them.

Moving into a new apartment is the start of a new chapter for Robin and her young daughter.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’m excited.” Robin said. “I’m hoping this keeps me grounded and focused on my end game and on my long-term goals.”

Journey To A Home 1
Ellen Caban works clients to help them find affordable and stable housing through the Rapid Rehousing Program.

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