Lending A Helping Hand

When a call for volunteers goes out, Edie DeProfio is often the first to respond.

Edie has been an active volunteer at Third Street Alliance for more than two and a half years and has contributed more than 150 volunteer hours in that time. A retired occupational therapist, Edie wanted to continue to work by giving back to her community.

 After hearing a friend speak positively about volunteering at Third Street Alliance, Edie looked up more opportunities on the website.

 “I feel happy and fulfilled when volunteering at Third Street Alliance,” Edie said.

Edie has volunteered for a variety of activities at Third Street Alliance. You can find her providing supervision for The Learning Center students when playing in the gym, ensuring their safety and teaching them to play and interact with each other in a safe way. Edie also helps with events like the Retro Dance Party and the annual Bistro. 

“I even enjoy stuffing envelopes for mailings,” she said. “I enjoy talking and laughing with the staff and other volunteers who are helping.”

Staff at Third Street Alliance is very grateful for Edie and her reliability and dedication to her volunteering time.

“Third Street Alliance provides much-needed services and compassionate care to the women and children in need in our community,” Edie said. “Knowing that you have contributed to enhancing the quality of life for these women and children is very gratifying.”

Lending A Helping Hand 1
Edie, left, helps to count and clean silverware ahead of the 2019 Bistro. Edie also volunteers to help with mailings, events and with The Learning Center.

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