Meeting a Very Basic Need

By: Janice Thomas
Director of Shelter Services

Toilet paper.

It’s a necessity, but we really don’t think about it until we don’t have it.  We use it several times per day and still it is something that is taken for granted. Homeless Services reality—no one brings toilet paper with them to the shelter! It never makes it to the “Top 10 Things to Bring” list.

Members of two Easton churches, Arndt’s Lutheran Church and St. Paul’s Third Lutheran Church, heard me loud and clear when I shared that fact with them.

The two churches came together for their one-week Vacation Bible School. This year the children focused on familiar stories of the Old Testament. One of the stories was “Daniel In the Lion’s Den.”

The VBS teachers came up with a unique way for collecting toilet paper, while teaching a Bible story and understanding the needs of others.

As the children brought in the toilet paper, they began building the lion’s den. At the end of the week, they had collected hundreds of rolls of toilet paper for the residents of Third Street Alliance.

Thank you to the children (and parents, of course) of Arndt’s and St. Paul’s for recognizing and filling our needs.

Meeting a Very Basic Need 1

From left, Karen Beverly of Arndt’s Lutheran Church and Margaret LaDuca of St. Paul’s Third Lutheran Church. 

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