Message Heard, Loud and Clear

As a child, one of my favorite games to play was “Telephone.” It is a very simple game: The first person in the line whispers a phrase or sentence into the ear of the person sitting to their right. The goal is for the last person to say exactly what the first person initially whispered.

It is almost guaranteed that the message will be slightly altered or totally messed up. It was always funny to hear what the outcome would be.

Recently, Melissa Campos, a part of the Homeless Services staff “played” a game of telephone – much to her surprise. A new resident entered the shelter and she welcomed her and gave her an overview of what to expect for her first night. A gentleman was also in the lobby waiting for a meeting to begin. Without trying to listen to the conversation, the compassion in Melissa’s voice drew him in. Although he is a frequent visitor of Third Street Alliance, he was unaware that the building is truly a Mansion with a Mission. He heard the message loud and clear.

A couple of days later, he returned with the initial message he heard from Melissa on his heart. He wanted to understand more about the needs of the families living in the shelter. He left again on a mission and returned with cleaning supplies and a check earmarked for families facing homelessness.

Like the game of “Telephone,” Melissa passed the message on and he heard it – loud and clear!

If you’ve heard the message, please contribute to Third Street Alliance by donating, volunteering or spreading the message to your friends and family.

–Janice Thomas, Director of Shelter Services

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