Moving Forward with an Inspiring Plan

Third Street Alliance continues to evolve and change in response to the shifting needs of our community and we continue to draw on evidence-based practices to help us meet those needs. This past year we engaged in a strategic planning process that brought together our board of directors, staff, community volunteers and clients to provide insight and feedback about how we can best serve our community over the next several years. Two common themes arose in our planning discussions:

  •  Women, children, and families need housing, food, and clothing to become stable; and health care, education, child care, skills, and economic opportunities to escape poverty and become economically mobile and independent.
  •  High-quality preschool education programs are proven to raise academic performance and give children the skills and tools they need to be successful and contribute to society.

Discussions around these themes lead us to clarify our vision for the future and to revise our mission statement.

Our vision:  Women, children and families are connected to community and social networks, achieving positive outcomes including health, social and emotional development, and educational and economic advancement. 

Our mission: is to inspire and equip women, children, and families to live, learn and thrive.

The key strategies we will pursue:

  •  Help women, children, and families achieve housing stability in safe, healthy, and affordable spaces.
  •  Provide quality early childhood education for working families; life skills for women and caregivers, and education and advocacy on relevant topics for the community.
  •  Help women, children, and families achieve economic advancement, positive life outcomes, and personal goals. 

We are grateful for the support we received from so many people as we developed this plan, and we hope our vision inspires you to take an active role in helping us achieve our goals.

Please reach out to me if you have questions or would like to get involved.

Alisa Baratta, Executive Director

Strategic Plan graphic

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