Purging to Move Forward

Janice Thomas
Director of Shelter Services

Due to my husband’s job, our family has relocated several times. It has always amazed me how all of my earthly possessions are carefully wrapped and/or boxed and put into an enormous truck – including our cars! Prior to the movers coming in, we take a couple of weeks letting go of the stuff that we no longer need or want.

When moving into Third Street Alliance’s Homeless Service program, residents are instructed to bring one bag per person. The bag can be a garbage bag, duffle bag, suitcase, tote – whatever is handy.

Residents scramble as they pick those items that should come with them over those items which should be left behind. How do you pare down your entire life into one bag?

What do you decide to bring?

What about the photo albums, the knick-knacks, the clothes that will fit once you lose another five pounds?

For many residents the packing process is the beginning of the journey. It’s a time of purging and releasing some of the non-essentials and concentrating on the important things in their lives.

So far this year, Third Street Alliance has been the start for 153 people.

There have been many tears, temper tantrums, new jobs, new homes – a lot of successes. But it all started with purging some of the old and replacing them with the new and approved.

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