Seeing a Clear Future

Imagine trying to learn colors, but not being able to correctly see reds, blues and greens, or reading, but not being able to see the letters clearly.

That’s what the vision screenings in The Learning Center try to catch and identify before it’s too late.

On Sept. 15, Ruthie Asmus from the Center for Vision Loss visited the Learning Center and completed vision screenings for staff, infants, toddlers, preschoolers and PreK Count students.

These screenings help identify issues that can hinder a child’s future learning process, such as poor sight or colorblindness.

In the spring, one little boy was found to be color blind. When the teachers were told, it made sense: the little boy wasn’t able to identify colors correctly.

Because of the vision screenings, the boy’s family was able to tell his current Kindergarten teachers of the issue. When the students are told to line up on the red line, and he can’t tell where the red line is, the teachers will know it’s not misbehaving or not following directions, but something greater.

Another little boy was found to be in need of further vision tests and is now sporting glasses. It will make it easier to learn to read when he can see the words and letters clearly.

If it weren’t for the vision screenings, both boys would have been sent off to Kindergarten without realizing there were other issues present.

The vision screenings that are given to our Learning Center students help them to live, learn, and thrive for many years to come.

-Nancy Frederick, Director of The Learning Center

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