Setting Example and Leaving a Legacy

Written by: Janice Thomas
Director of Shelter Services

Malia Borgers contacted Third Street Alliance a few months ago to make a donation to the shelter. It was suggested that she donate over-the-counter medicine for our younger residents.

We knew that the cold and flu season was on its way and our little ones tend to get hit hardest by winter germs. The Borgers family donated more than 25 bottles of medicine and included the following note with the donation:

My husband and I waited 14 years for God to give us our daughter. Now that she is finally here we want to leave a legacy of generosity and propel her into a future of compassion and love. So for the holiday season, we as a family gathered and brought bottles of children’s medicine.

When I called in November, I wanted to donate toiletry items. The woman on the phone suggested the medicine bottles and it really was a fabulous idea. The timing was perfect! My daughter, Hecia-Marie, had actually recovered from her first sinus/respiratory cold. I remember spending money (without thinking) on a list of things to ease her discomfort. It was at that moment, I realized how fortunate I am that I did not have to hesitate in buying medicine.

So, on behalf of our miracle baby, our family and her first service project, we hope to help little ones fight the cold and ease their parents’ discomfort.

– The Borgers Family

Thank you to them and others who continue to think about the families who reside at Third Street Alliance.

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