Taking Some Time Out

By: Janice C. Thomas,
Director of Shelter Services

Across the country, many parents use the “time-out” approach for raising their children. When used appropriately, the technique is an opportunity for the child to modify his/her behavior and learn how to cope with frustration.

Overall, the goals are to help the child achieve self-control and self-discipline.

Third Street Alliance’s Shelter Program serves as a place for families to be on a “time-out.”

This year, parents learned new behaviors by participating in money management and parenting classes. Small group sessions allowed them to deal with some of their frustrations regarding failed relationships, broken promises and life struggles.

This year, a total of 205 people came through our doors – 95 adults and 110 children and most have left our program and moved into transitional or permanent housing.

Life is sometimes difficult and taking a “time-out” to refocus, re-adjust and recharge is necessary. For the families who have completed our program, they know the importance of that time-out and it has led to them to becoming self-sufficient.

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