Together Everyone Achieves More

It’s surprising how much can get done in one day when people work as a team.

Take a very large project, like painting a big room. There’s not just the painting task itself; there is the taping of lines, painting the detailed portions of the project, and waiting for it to dry before going back to put on another coat. Having enough people to help in these instances is essential.

That’s why we’re always happy of the work that is done by, not just individual volunteers, but the groups of volunteers that come into Third Street Alliance and finish projects in one day.

This past summer we had several teams of folks come in and work on special projects. In June, the Bixler Garden was beautifully redone by a team from One Financial Services .

We had a group from Olympus come in after that to organize and clean shelter areas.

In August, a team of painters from M&M Mars helped to brighten up a shelter lounge area by painting the walls and trim.

Last week, we had volunteers from Zulily come in for a Day of Caring project. They repainted the front door frame and did weeding and cleaning and organizing.

Without volunteers, it is difficult to get big projects done around the Mansion with a Mission.

We invite you and your team to come volunteer with us. We have plenty of projects around the mansion to get finished.

To become an individual volunteer, fill out our online volunteer application. To find out how your team can help us, contact our Director of Administration Wendy Hughes at [email protected] or call 610-258-6271 for more information.

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