TSA brings you new series of videos on dementia

By: Lynn Ondrusek
Community Outreach and Communications Manager

What happens once your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia?

What research do you do? Do you sign him or her up for a program or schedule a visiting nurse? What care do they receive? What risks should you be aware of?

Third Street Alliance’s Sharing the Caring program provides answers to those questions, offering information with a new series of videos on Alzheimer’s and dementia.

We hope these videos will provide you with information to make informed decisions for your aging loved one, finding the best care for them, including the option of our adult day care program. We’ve talked to several experts in the field of dementia care who have answered our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Please let us know if the videos are helpful. I invite you to comment on the video on YouTube or email me at [email protected] with your feedback of the videos. I look forward to connecting with you.

This month, we start off discovering the difference between aging and the early signs of Alzheimer’s and how to stay healthy. We spoke with Julie Thomas, the assistant director of clinical services for the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association on the subject. Take a look.

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