TSA is A Place To Turn To

By: Janice Thomas
Director of Homeless Services

It’s not rare that women and children entering Third Street Alliance are domestic abuse victims, even holding Protection From Abuse orders against their abusers.

Third Street Alliance has taken a step in assisting these women to move forward from these abusive relationships by partnering with Turning Point of Lehigh Valley.

Turning Point has provided individual and group counseling to victims, their family and friends in Allentown and Bethlehem. Now, the agency will expand into Easton to serve their existing clients living in the city and to the Homeless Services residents at TSA.

Some residents will choose to begin counseling as one of their goals when they come into TSA. Individual counseling sessions are available to assist clients to create safety plans and to establish personal goals. Group counseling and support groups will assist residents to process their situations with others who are experiencing or who have experienced domestic violence.

Two families at TSA are currently going through counseling by Turning Point, which has been very helpful for their healing process.

There is so much potential for healing victims of domestic violence with this partnership and we are excited to see this process begin for some of our residents.

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