You helped in a BIG way

You hear of things going viral or spreading far over social media networks. You watch videos, look at pictures and share posts that spread to your friends, and then to theirs, in an almost infinite manner.

You never think you’d be on the receiving end of something spreading so far and wide.

Last week, when our freezer broke, we posted a plea for help on our Facebook page. We simply asked for grocery store gift cards to replace the food.

Then we watched as the notifications on our Facebook page increased because you shared that post.

Not once, not twice, but 132 times on Facebook. In those 132 shares, the post was seen by almost 12,500 individuals and businesses in the Lehigh Valley, and beyond.

Two of those people were the wives of Gary Lee of Brown-Daub Kia and Kevin Rizzardi, Lowe’s of Bethlehem Store Manager. They contacted their husbands and asked for their help.

Within a few hours of hearing of our plight, Gary Lee donated money to replace the food in the freezer. Lowe’s donated a new freezer, with promise that if it breaks, they will take care of it. We thank them for stepping up in such a big way.

More of you stepped up as well, donating gift cards and monetary donations to help with repairs and food costs. Many of you expressed concern and tagged folks who may have been able to help. Many of you just asked for others to help us as well.

Thank YOU, for clicking a button or tapping your phone screen and spreading the word to thousands. You helped turn an unforeseen situation into something very positive.

You helped in a BIG way 1
Gary Lee with Miss Nancy, director of The Learning Center

You helped in a BIG way 2
Kevin Rizzardi, with his daughter, and the freezer Lowe’s donated

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