Advocating for Students and Teachers in The Learning Center at Third Street Alliance

Nancy Frederick, director of The Learning Center, is constantly balancing the needs of the students and the teachers in the center — evaluating how to better serve the students and their families. And since the beginning of the pandemic, Nancy has been hard at work advocating for early childhood education programs like The Learning Center. […]

Moving Forward from the Eviction Moratorium at Third Street Alliance

When the National Eviction Moratorium ended on July 31, the staff in the homeless services department braced for what would come next. At Third Street Alliance, what came next was a flurry of applications for Emergency Rental Assistance, and an influx of new families in the shelter. Between Aug. 4 and Sept. 15, more than 90 families […]

Turning Point offers counseling services at Third Street Alliance

Third Street Alliance is not strictly a shelter for victims of domestic violence, but many of the residents come to recognize they have been victims of domestic partner abuse in some form, not just physical. The abuse can be financial, verbal or emotional, too. The abuse takes away the victim’s trust in the relationship, brings […]

Rental Relief at the Right Moment

When COVID-19 hit the Lehigh Valley last year, many families worried where they would be getting a paycheck to ensure they could keep a roof over their heads and their families safe from the pandemic. Landlords, too, were faced with the possibility of severe financial hardship if rent could not be paid by their current […]

Gathering Data on Homelessness: How the Annual PIT Counts Tell Portion of the Story

Every winter human service agencies and volunteers throughout the nation conduct a census of the homeless in their communities.   This census, called the Point In Time (PIT) count, is conducted in the last 10 days of January each year, according to the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The count includes individuals experiencing […]

New Learning Center Program Helps Students Overcome Pandemic Stress

The Learning Center at Third Street Alliance has always focused on the whole child and the changing needs of our students and families. That’s why when students came back from the shutdown period and teachers noticed significant changes in some of our students — escalation of negative behaviors, more frequent and longer-lasting emotional outbursts, and […]

Third Street Alliance Welcomes Julie LaBella to the Board of Directors

Julie LaBella, the newest Third Street Alliance Board of Directors member. Third Street Alliance for Women & Children’s Board of Directors welcomes Julie LaBella, Senior Director of Regulatory and External Affairs for Talen Energy.  LaBella’s position on the board was approved during the Nov. 16, 2020 meeting for service to begin on Jan. 1. She has been a member of the agency’s Finance Committee since January 2020.   “I’ve long […]

Homeless Services Sees Changes in New Year

The New Year will welcome staff changes to the Homeless Services program at Third Street Alliance.   Please join us in wishing Janice Thomas, Director of Homeless Services, a fond farewell. Janice joined Third Street Alliance in July 2015 and has been instrumental in building our program from a residential shelter into a full-scale homeless services department. Earlier this year her husband […]

Did You Know? Important CARES Act Charitable Giving Information

Third Street’s annual appeal for funding is underway.  As you consider your gift, we want you to know that a new CARES Act rule allows taxpayers to deduct up to $300 on their tax returns for cash donations made in 2020. While the attached NYTimes article spells out the rule in greater detail — and your […]

Juggling Classrooms: Adjusting to hybrid learning models and distanced learning

Planning for the 2020-2021 school year started in June for The Learning Center as the team looked at every detail to ensure each student was equipped for a smooth start to the year. For the school-aged student classrooms, the initial planning process included scenarios for all virtual or all in-person classes. However, a few weeks […]