Pool-to-School Update

Over the past few years we have been working on a major classroom expansion project at Third Street Alliance transforming what used to be our swimming pool into state-of-the-art classrooms. We’re happy to announce that the project is finally coming to a close! As with any construction project, challenges presented themselves but we overcame the […]

Third Street Alliance “Breaks Ground” on Pool-to-School Project

After sitting unused and drained for more than 10 years, the decommissioned pool at Third Street Alliance for Women & Children will be undergoing a major transformation into classroom space for the agency’s early learning center.   Third Street Alliance will be kicked off the redesign project with a “ground breaking” event on May 23.  The new […]

One Year Later: Students Learn Skills to Overcome Stress

As students around the country reentered the classrooms in the fall of 2020, it quickly became clear to educators that the children needed extra support with their educational and emotional stability. Many of our students in The Learning Center were also exhibiting stress-related behaviors including increased anxiety, irritability/anger, depression, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, loneliness, and general nervousness in […]

Early Learning Scholarships Provide Opportunities for Women and Their Children to Succeed

Third Street Alliance needs your help to raise $20,000 for the Learning Center scholarship fund. The Elizabeth Mulrine Scholarship Fund was created in 2016 to help shelter families enroll their children in The Learning Center. The fund honors Elizabeth, the founder of Bistro, and her dedication to Third Street Alliance, and provides positive early learning experiences to […]

The Learning Center Looks Toward Expansion

The renovation of the pool area will expand The Learning Center by 30 percent, providing the opportunity for us to reach more students and families in our community while providing additional teaching jobs in an industry that was devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The expansion to The Learning Center will provide 47 additional spots for early learning […]

P.A.T.H.W.A.Y Partnership Begins Between Third Street & Children’s Home of Easton

EASTON, Pa—Two long-time historic Easton non-profits have partnered up for the first time to provide a critical new program for the community called P.A.T.H W.A.Y.  Positive Approach Toward Housing for Women and Youth is a new partnership between The Children’s Home of Easton and Third Street Alliance for Women & Children. The program aims to support single women, pregnant women and young mothers, ages 18-24, to advance […]

Advocating for Students and Teachers in The Learning Center at Third Street Alliance

Nancy Frederick, director of The Learning Center, is constantly balancing the needs of the students and the teachers in the center — evaluating how to better serve the students and their families. And since the beginning of the pandemic, Nancy has been hard at work advocating for early childhood education programs like The Learning Center. […]

Moving Forward from the Eviction Moratorium at Third Street Alliance

When the National Eviction Moratorium ended on July 31, the staff in the homeless services department braced for what would come next. At Third Street Alliance, what came next was a flurry of applications for Emergency Rental Assistance, and an influx of new families in the shelter. Between Aug. 4 and Sept. 15, more than 90 families […]

Turning Point offers counseling services at Third Street Alliance

Third Street Alliance is not strictly a shelter for victims of domestic violence, but many of the residents come to recognize they have been victims of domestic partner abuse in some form, not just physical. The abuse can be financial, verbal or emotional, too. The abuse takes away the victim’s trust in the relationship, brings […]

Rental Relief at the Right Moment

When COVID-19 hit the Lehigh Valley last year, many families worried where they would be getting a paycheck to ensure they could keep a roof over their heads and their families safe from the pandemic. Landlords, too, were faced with the possibility of severe financial hardship if rent could not be paid by their current […]