Dancing the Night Away

Do you remember dances in the gym, when they were the center of teen social life? The dances were a place for teens to go, have fun, and socialize with their peers and meet those from others schools. Many still hold fond memories of those dances. Girls would doll-up, young men were dressed to impress. […]

Together Everyone Achieves More

It’s surprising how much can get done in one day when people work as a team. Take a very large project, like painting a big room. There’s not just the painting task itself; there is the taping of lines, painting the detailed portions of the project, and waiting for it to dry before going back […]

A Week of Generosity

As we get closer to the holiday season and the weather begins to get colder, we are reminded to give back to those in our community that do not have what we have. This past week our staff witnessed the generosity of kids, business owners, and others, who simply just want to spread some joy […]

Family Reunion

I think we can all agree that no family is perfect, but there is still something special that happens when family comes together. The experience recalls a poem that I recently came across, entitled “A Family Reunion” by Kimberly Rinehart. It immediately got my attention as the writer put to paper the planned and impromptu […]

Seeing a Clear Future

Imagine trying to learn colors, but not being able to correctly see reds, blues and greens, or reading, but not being able to see the letters clearly. That’s what the vision screenings in The Learning Center try to catch and identify before it’s too late. On Sept. 15, Ruthie Asmus from the Center for Vision […]

Fall Fashions on display at Sharing the Caring

Just in time to celebrate the new clothing lines for the fall, Sharing the Caring had a Fall Fashion Show on Sept. 9. The Sharing the Caring room was set up so the clients, or models, as they were called, strutted their stuff on the catwalk. Clothing was supplied by Twice Chic Boutique, an up-scale […]

The Young meet the Young-at-Heart

There are many positive benefits of Sharing the Caring being part of the programs at Third Street Alliance. Perhaps the greatest is that this program shares a building with The Learning Center. Sharing the Caring hosts The Learning Center children twice a week, and the two groups enjoy special events throughout the year, playing ball or […]

You helped in a BIG way

You hear of things going viral or spreading far over social media networks. You watch videos, look at pictures and share posts that spread to your friends, and then to theirs, in an almost infinite manner. You never think you’d be on the receiving end of something spreading so far and wide. Last week, when […]

Tae Kwon Do brings Confidence to All

A couple times a week, kids and adults gather in the gym at Third Street Alliance, to practice Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that was developed during the 1940s and 1950s, and incorporates elements of karate and Chinese martial arts with other forms of Korean martial arts traditions. For […]

Drumming in the Learning Center

On Aug. 18, the Learning Center students got a chance to beat their own drum a bit during a visit with Listen Learn and Play, Inc. Instructor Frank Coates taught the students different drum beats, had them chant and some danced with his fuzzy dancing stick. In the half-hour time slots that the students were […]